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Here is our story....

Barnabas Speaks Communications , #b3gblackmamba , originated in 2001 from God-fearing entrepreneurs, out of the need to encourage others who are freedom loving, law abiding, free-spirited entrepreneurs, wanting to make a difference in the lives of others in a positive way. In many businesses today, there is a greater need to be self-serving instead of seeking the interest of others first. The concept that people matter is fading, yet the interest in their money is growing exponentially. Providing services for a fee is indeed the American dream and those who do so honestly are to be commended as ambassadors of the free enterprise system, however, when the focus shifts to a take all approach opposed to creating an environment that encourages well doing, respect and dignity, a win/win relationship cannot be obtained. This is how we differ from other consulting and management firms. We, at Barnabas Speaks Communications, have embraced your mission and purpose which means, as far a you are concerned, our importance is derived from your importance. Yes, it is true that the purpose of a business is to earn money, but it is how you earn money that truly matters. This is why we screen potential clients very carefully because business intent is important to us. Out of the many, few are chosen, but out of that few, their shine becomes brighter than the rest of the pack.

Our services include high impact sales and closing training, communications skills, time management, customer services, change management, performance management, decision making, interviewing and hiring, business processes and stress management...all enhanced by motivational speaking, the common thread! We call this the "Big 10"! Our experts will greatly assist your business to soar with wing of an eagle. If you do not succeed, we do not succeed. It is not about us, but you. What a concept! Join us and together, we will serve!

Why Use Us?....

Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty

Reductions in employee turnover

Increased morale

Increased work relations with peers

Increased productivity


  • Reducing the high cost of employee turnover.
  • Speeding up time spent on making critical business decisions.
  • Eliminating management time spent on handling employee conflict.
  • Maximizing employee productivity at work.
  • Streamlining processes to increase operational efficiency.
  • Creating a work environment where creativity flourishes, enabling customers to create a competitive business advantage.
  • Minimize destructive issues that cost companies millions each year as management scrambles for power.

Additional interests include Negotiation Leveraging,Healthcare, Real Estate, Technology, Education, Entertainment, Mergers & Acquisitions and.....Ventriloquism!

Barnabas Speaks