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Ignite Your Dream Machine!

Ignite Your Dream Machine

You are the qualities that make all dark days bright,

for the strong and beautiful inner you are bursting full of power and might;

And I dare to to release it from bondage without any reservation,

and watch it express the true and unique inner you without any hesitation;

Nobody has the power over you to keep you from doing what you desire,

for with heart, passion and determination, you are exploding with desire, burning with fire;

And I can feel the heat already from the nations of service in which you are about to lead,

for with faith, trust and love in God Almighty,

nothing more is what you need;

So submit to it, commit to it and make the decision today to win it all,

For your special gifts are on the phone right now,

go ahead and answer your mighty call;

I can hear them ringing loud and clear from the highest mountain,

to the shallowest shore by the pier;

So appeal to your dreams, respond to your call, resting cool in faith,

without burning up in fear;

God Bless You!


0 Comments Success is not Chasing Waterfalls...
Posted by Doc Worley on September 30, 2014 at 8:33 AM

The Difference Between Successful People and...

I always get asked the question, "What is the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people?" The question, perhaps, seems to be a straightforward, geniune and legitimate one that grabs and tugs at an answer that is demanded out of a sense of impatience and urgency, yet of respect and dignity. To me, it appears to a loaded question on two fronts. On one hand, the question is asked in order that the person can perform checks and balances with his own definition(both genders included) or on the other hand, it can exemplify the weight on one's shoulders out of frustration, bitterness and resentment, developed out of the fear of expectations of perceived failure.



In both hands, the need to know arises, even while each hand can travel in opposite directions, each is attached its own and separate arm, yet both are hanging onto one body, one soul and one spirit. Therefore, a better question may is your spirit? Are you willing to diligently seek and prepare to do the things in life that will implement your goals and desires to perform the tasks neccesary? Are you prepare to presever, endure and render tenacity with the right spiritual, mental and emotional attitude? Are you prepared to have, hold and maintain your (You) (S) Constitution with an article of no excuse making policy with a no victimization section and a no pity party clause?



Will you commit to the change that you would like to see? Are you prepared to live in your dreams at all costs? Well...are you.....? Are you willing to define and adapt to what you believe successful means. The definition of success is like our private intersection where backhips avenue and two leg street meets....everyone has one and is enthusiastic in unseating its opinion of what success means. Please allow me to share a about remembering this:



Embrace change through ideas of creativity by setting goals, taking responsibity for them and complementing them with knowledge through reading and praying in order to elevate your game, sharing your gifts with others and giving credit to all that assisted and came to your rescue along the way on your journey while helping others to succeed with joy and are on your way!

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0 Comments Your Destiny Calls!
Posted by Doc Worley on March 10, 2014 at 5:18 PM

To be excerpt from the notebook,  In God We Trust...A life-changing shift,  by Doc Worley, the character, Victor Dowers challenges fellow high school students to answer their call to destiny. "I often hear my fellow students say, oh I just want to be a carpenter or I just want to be a truck driver.  I challenge them to say that I am a carpenter or I am a carpenter and I am the best that I know.  I am the best that I can be.  If you are a carpenter, provide yourself with a skyscraper full of education.  If you are a truck driver, drive yourself continuously to unlimited roads of education.  If you are a teacher, continually teach yourself and others high-paying quality education.  All of the dreaming, planning, activating and motivating begins now,,,whether you decide to build airplanes or fly them, to build buildings or work in them, to practice law or change law, to practice medicine or research medicine, to reform technology with computer science or reform political structure with political science...on land, at sea or in the air, the world is your gift..."

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