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Barnabas Speaks 

Motivational Speaking, Sales training, Closing, Coaching, Marketing


Quotes Doc thank you for your clever, strategic and financially rewarding negotiations regarding my new vehicle purchase. I received a better deal than I envisioned. There was nothing to do but listen to your sagacious guidance and step into my new 2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. Working with you was an unparalleled opportunity that changed my car purchase options. There was no stress, frustration or confusion experienced, only order and congruity. Your rare and peerless consultation skills led to an impressive purchase. I will never buy a vehicle without your completely authentic intercession. Quotes
Linda Shannon
Author of Love Never Fails Wrestling With Autism

Quotes Doc negotiated a deal on our behalf in excess of $25Bilion for one of our international projects with unreal terms and other important perks! Wow! Now it is up to us to satisfy the details. The most difficult part is done! Thanks Doc! Quotes
C. Yie
Ceo, The Blue Planet Ocean Group

Quotes Doc and I met at a local tavern and I mentioned the fact that I would like to work in a place like this for the experience. At that moment I saw Doc's skills come into play. He summoned the manager over to our table and said, "watch me move". Using his style of communication which embraces relationship building in seconds, struck a conversation with not just one manager but two. I was interviewed right there at the table and I got the job the next week. Wow! Thanks for helping me out! Quotes
Mark K
Cross Trainer

Quotes I had the best experience and it was very professionally handled. You guided me from the 1st step through the final process, which was greatly appreciated. The most valuable and informative help I have ever received in my professional life. Thank you so much for all guidance and support you have given me. Quotes
Veni Ramasubbu
Executive Director Associate

Quotes I don't know if I would have ever gone back to school, to study accounting, at age 49, without the encouragement of Barnabas Speaks Communications. Thank you. ? at Central Louisiana Technical College Quotes
J. Malveau

Quotes Hi Doc Worley, Thank you for sharing, your advice will definitely help me in improving my presentation skills. You are actually right, I often got distracted with the questions from the audience. Your advice will be used in my next presentation for sure. Thank you so much for your kindness Doc, it has been great receiving advice from you. Kind regards, Wahyu Utami Quotes
Wahyu Utami
Presenter and Artist for Subway International

Quotes Nobody I know knows more about new beginnings, or the positive work ethic that produces them, than you, Doc. You speak with authority. Quotes
Joe F
Retired Postal Worker and Church Leader

Quotes Doc has the unique ability to turn a losing situation into a winning one with charm and humor. There is no one like Doc! Quotes
L. Bonneau
CEO, Bonneau Enterprises

Quotes Doc's humor, charm and knowledge has assisted us in overcoming obstacles on numerous occasions. He has the determination and persistence of a hungry lion! Quotes
R. Thomas
CEO, Crossroads Group

Quotes Doc is a skilled negotiator in a crisis. He negotiated an additional 10 million dollars for us in one phone call! Quotes
R. Jackson
RJ Investment Group