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Business Topics For You...

You don't sign my paycheck!

Have you ever walked into an office or any other business establishment and you were treated as though you were a "bother" instead of a customer? If you have had that experience, you are not alone. Have you walked into an establishment and instead of greeting you, professionally or another way, and the person just looked at you? You ask for specific prices for products or services, and the person merely points to a pricing list. Who is the real boss here? Customer service is becoming almost obsolete and sinking with more speed than the Titanic. This series will direct the focus back to where it belongs...the customer, who you serve!

It is ok to be a bullY!

This series will bring out your real ability to initiate discussions with individuals or groups. In many situations, you want to say something or have something to share with others, but you just cannot seem to have that unction in your function to bring it to the table. This series will teach you how to grab, hold, maintain and entertain the situation. You can be the bull that (Y)ou want and need to be!

Don't HAIL in on my parade!

Do you feel slated when you feel that you have made an accomplishment in satisfying your goal or mission and all of a sudden, showers of frozen emotional pain from others come right up to your front door and chills your excitement? The HAIL has arrived and shouts (H)ear me (A)lways complain because (I)am a (Leech)! Whether in business or elsewhere, people can be ....less than encouraging. This series will address and offer practical approaches to keeping your sun shining bright!

Excuses stink..unless unless they do not smell!

People, whether in business or not, often confuse excuses with facts. The only comparison between the two is that they are opposites and you have heard that opposites attract. This match does not fair well, however. Facts always have a comprising odor because they develop from garbage thinking. An excuse is a perception issue. Facts are real and are what they are. In this series, we offer to you, practical applications to go from perception to real!

Sales is not a game....NOT!

There are zillions of books out there about sales...from the good to the not so good. You are taught different styles, techniques and catch phrases in order to win over each client or customer. If you could learn this or that version you will be number 1! You have heard this, I am sure. I have three words for this...Stop the Madness! the art and science of sales IS a wonderful game which come AFTER the greatest gift of relationship building! Sales takes place after to build a great relationship, starting in the first 30 seconds from the introduction. Sales is the game of transitioning trust to a service or product. This is done as a gift of servitude, not as the great king. This is the greatest approach because everyone can serve in his unique way. This series to show you how to take your gifts and talents as attributes to become the greatest relationship builder that you can be...!

Don't sweat to big stuff...and the little stuff will have no chance!

At work, do you become so irritated with the boss if he asks you to spend an extra day in the office for a big assignment that will bring great revenue to your company and the first thing that you want to do is rise up at him or her? You just asked for a raise a month ago and you had no ill feelings then. Why? Was receiving that raise potential raise more important than being even more productive than before? Have it even donned on you that you could be setting yourself up for more than you even imagined? In this series we will show you how to see the big picture! Sweat is not included!

If I can't do it, YOU better not!

It is easy to get caught up in selfishness. If you fail, it isn't as bad if someone else fails with you. For whatever reason, it sort of eases the pain of rejection, sorry or discomfort. However, if they win and we lose, you better stay away. Now why would you want that? If that a helping thought for your friends, co-workers or both? This series will show you why that is unhealthy for you and what to do to make it go away!

How to say thank you and be offensive at the same time!

Being nice to some people sometimes appears to be an impossible task, but it can be done. The beauty of people cannot completely be covered up. There are open doors in all of us. You can penetrate with those doors with kindness even though they may think that you are trying to approach them with wrong intent or with an "angle". They may also find you offensive because you are expressing kindness in deeds or in acts. If they are offended, so what? This series will explore the reasons for this and present answers that are wise and practical for everyday living at work and play.

Is it dark in here or is it you?

Sometimes you may wonder how in the world others just do not get it. Are they blind, crippled or crazy?.. as the saying goes. Well maybe it is not them...could it be you?...just asking. Humility comes before honor. Do you find yourself not being to get ahead at work? Could it be....? This series will explore this scenario and provides very practical solutions.

Help, I have fallen and I don't want to get up!

When things seems not to go our way and that seems to happen more than we like, we have a tendency to feel disappointed and discouraged. This is understandable because of the fact that we are human and we want what we want now. Sometimes, now is NOT the time and what you categorize as a failure might just be a setup for a comeback. Your perception of things makes all the difference in the world. You can always get up. It is true that if you can look up, you can get up! This series will teach you the importance of perception, whether at work or at play.

I will leverage my tires for your Bentley!

Who does not have the desire to have something that they want? All us of, admittedly for our own interests, tend to want it all and now. You may not be able to have all you want but if you can have some to most of it, you would not complain. This is what negotiation is all give and receive. This series explores the art and science of negotiation and teaches you how to win.

If you are a marshmallow, go jump in the campfire!

We all need a swift kick where the sun doesn't shine sometimes. Are fears, doubts, frustrations and concerns hindering you from going after and seizing your prize and accomplishing your goals? If this is you...stop it! You are better than that. Build yourself from the inside out, not outside in...and you can build BOTH at the same time. This series will provide practical applications to get you out of this battle and assist you in sparking that fire again!

Can you chew gum, go to the printer and answer the phone on the way at the same time?

Multi-tasking is the false assumption are you can do several things efficiently and productively with the products resulting in deficiency and destruction. How to become more productive without texting while driving the business into a brick wall! This series will explore the concept of triage to assist you in deciding on what activities that work great together in synergy and what activities are better done ALONE!

How to make an omelette without breaking the egg!

What you are through your life's experiences and your unique personality which enables you to embrace or reject various reactions to those experiences....woo, makes you who you are. However, who wrote the rules in that class of life on that day, informing you of how you should just fit in, because it is what it is? You should have played hooky on that day. It is not just what it is. Yearn to know what urns, burns and drives you on the inside...a masterful omelette inside of your life, before the bursting of flavors traveling down the yolk of success in the albumin of life. You will be ready when your break comes. In this series, you will learn how to take you to a new you!

Do not ask for water if you want milk!

What are you fearful of? Do you feel that you will be rejected by someone if you ask them for something and they say "no'? So what. Haven't you heard of that word before, and if you have heard it, did it kill you? You deserve the best, right? act like it. If you do not ask, there is a great big chance that you will not receive. In this series, just guess what will be discussed...all of this and a milkshake!

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Other areas of interest include Economics, Law, Medicine, Theology

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