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The Making and Marketing of Grady

What is Grady up to?

Who is he?


I am a ventriloquist smart person to be politically correct.


I was born from a cedar tree in Redwood, CA. My dad was a rolling stone and my mom never stood still enough to gather moss because of her entrepreneur spirit, so I had to learn early on as a small twig how to become a big tree. I went to school, made good grades and proudly graduated last in my class. After high school, I majored in thesbian studies from a college that threatened to sue me if it

was revealed. Again, as predicted, I finished dead last in my class. After winning no awards or recognition, I began searching for opportunities across the U.S and Mexico. Finding no work or people in Mexico, I came back to the U.S. and began working in a doctor's office as a chair duster. The rest is I am, sitting on the lap of luxury!

Basic Info

Born April 1, 1969

Location 322 Bourbon Street, Hollywood, Florida 90210

Affiliation Why are you all in my jello? That's personal!

Awards Too many to spell!

Gender Male

Personal Information I am me! That is all you need or want to know!

Personal Interests Talking, laughing, breathing and repeat X 7.

[email protected]                           Click on my name below for facebook

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